Digital Intelligence & Sustainability

Designed to address various needs across industries in the broader context of global efforts to maintain financial integrity and security.

Digital, Intelligence & Sustainability

Digital products are software solutions that includes Compliance and Sustainability products, which are focused on addressing environmental and social challenges and leverage the power of data and advanced analytics, including Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Cognitive Screening

A comprehensive product that designed for checking individuals, entities, and transactions against the sanctions lists to identify potential matches, prevent and detect money laundering and terrorist financing.

eKYC 360

A comprehensive solution of verifying the identity of a customer electronically, this involves using a variety of methods (e.g, Biometric verification, Document verification, Address verification).

goAML Plus+

A fully integrated solution for tracking and reporting suspicious transactions and other activities related to anti-money laundering (AML) to comply with regulation rules of central banks.

Online CRx

A solution is designed to assist financial institutions in evaluating and rating their customers, financial behavior in a real time.

SustainaFoot Index

A comprehensive sustainability tool designed specifically for organizations to measure, analyze, and manage their carbon footprint to proactively identify and mitigate risks and ensure compliance.