Loyalty Spectrum

Place your customer engagement at the forefront, helping business navigate the landscape of customer loyalty with precision and effectiveness.

Our Solution

A comprehensive solution that segments customers across the loyalty spectrum and provides a loyalty degree and index for each Customer. This will be used to Attract and retain customers with the power of loyalty segmentation.

How can we help?

Customer Retention: Loyalty Spectrum is a powerful tool for fostering customer retention by rewarding and recognizing loyal patrons.

Increased Customer Lifetime Value: By strategically managing and enhancing customer loyalty.
Data-Driven Decision Making: The platform’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities empower businesses to make informed decisions.

Competitive Advantage: Stand out in the market by offering a personalized and rewarding experience.


Value Satisfaction :

Measure Customer Purchase History, Value Growth, Overall Satisfaction, No of Products in Active Use.
The Model also identifies customers who have loyalty based on positive Satisfactions and promoters.


Active Engagement :

Measure Channels Engagement, Loyalty Program effectiveness, Ad Click Rate, Product Enquiry Rate.
It also serves in Survey Response Rate, Loyalty Point Burn Rate, Loyalty Point Earn Rate.


Emotional Connection :

Improve and regain Customer Trust, Brand Advocate, Optional Personal Data Shared, Consent to Receive Ads.
It’s also used for Purchase Diversity, Contracted vs Non-Contracted Services Ratio.