Cognitive Screening

Designed to streamline the cognitive screening process, providing efficient integration, accurate screening, user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive logging, and robust analytics capabilities.

Our Solution

A comprehensive product that is designed for checking individuals, entities, and transactions against the sanctions lists to identify potential matches, prevent, and detect money laundering and terrorist financing.

How can we help?

Our solution plays a vital role in helping businesses effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with their customer base.

Name Screening: for the pre-customer onboarding process from onboarding channels to ensure that the banking products are not provided to the sanctioned customers.

Payment Screening: examined payment transactions in real-time which allows for immediate detection and prevention of potentially fraudulent activities.

Batch Screening: performed through a scheduled automated process on an EOD basis by processing the data from source systems to ensure that the customer base Is regularly viewed for potential risks.

Ad-hoc Screening allows for on-demand screening of specific names or entities.


Fuzzy Matching:

It offers an interface to query the cognitive screening solution about certain entities using fuzzy match which enhances the accuracy of queries by considering similar matches.

It increases the comprehensiveness of the inquiries and allows end users to perform inquiries with more nuanced criteria.


Case and List Management:

Case and List management components help streamline the workflow associated with cognitive screening and allow privileged users to load custom blacklists and whitelists to the solution.

It helps improve the efficiency and user satisfaction and offers flexibility to tailor blacklist and whitelists to meet specific screening needs.


Analytical Reporting:

Responsible for implementing operational and summary reports and provide insights into cognitive solution metrics.
It helps users gain valuable insights for day-to-day monitoring and a consolidated view facilitating strategic decision making.