eKYC 360

Designed to help organizations streamline and enhance the process of verifying the bank’s customer identity.

Our Solution

Our eKYC360 platform offers a comprehensive solution which helps ensure secure and efficient customer identity verification. It offers a user-friendly and hassle-free experience by streamlining customer onboarding process and minimizing complexity.

How can we help?

eKYC360 platform contributes to the bank’s operational efficiency, enhance security and customer experience.


⁠Automated Process

Our solution allow banks to significantly speed up the KYC process presenting opportunities to reduce time and efforts required for both customers and staff while maintaining an efficient risk assessment process.
It enables financial institutions to swiftly onboard customers, minimize the extensive staff involvement and adopt a customer-centric approach.


Meet Regulatory and KYC Standards

The solution assists banks to comply with regulatory requirements i.e., AML, CTF, and KYC standards, providing additional real-time name screening, monitoring and watchlist checks.
It enhances the organization’s reputation and reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties


Integration and Adaptability

Our All-in-one eKYC package can easily integrate with existing systems (i.e.., core banking and CRM) and adapt to the changing fraud landscape using Machine learning to ensure that the system remains effective and relevant over time.
This helps ensure a smooth flow of information resulting in enhanced data accuracy and elevate the bank’s operational efficiency