goAML Plus+

A powerful solution designed to meet the data collection, management, analytical, document management, workflow and statistical needs of regulators.

Our Solution

goAML+ solution facilitates the work of the finical institution by providing a smooth and accurate way to file Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs), Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR), and other regulatory report types. It is used by the FIU to gather information and data about suspicious transactions involving money laundering and terror financing.

How can we help?

We provide a modular system that fits the needs of any FIU irrespective of size and is well suited to both low and high-volume environments.


Integration with financial systems:

It can integrate with existing systems such as transaction monitoring systems, customer relationship management systems, and case management systems.
It fulfills the financial institution’s work process and any upcoming requirement of the regulations.


Data Extraction:

The data extraction feature allows for easy process of retrieving relevant information from various sources and transforms it into XML format based on the XML schema provided by the regulatory authority.
This helps save time and reduce the manual efforts in gathering data for AML reporting purposes.


Efficient Reporting:

Go AML Plus is customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations to create an official report stipulated by a standardizable regulatory authority that discloses suspicious customer behavior to regulators.
GoAML Plus helps streamline the reporting process and makes it easier for businesses to generate and submit required reports.