Online CRx

Designed to assist financial institutions performing the risk assessment based on a set of business rules and corresponding data structures on the customers at the time of on-boarding.

Our Solution

Our online customer risk rating solution offers real-time risk rating and allow for the rating of both new and existing customers, with the ability to update their scores based on key events that could impact the overall risk.

How can we help?

Our solution plays a vital role in helping businesses effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with their customer base


Documentation and Audit Trail:

Online CRX solution maintains clear audit and log trails for logging interactions with the solutions.
This is invaluable for internal auditing purposes and demonstrating compliance during regulatory audits.


Adaptability to changing risk factor:

We provide an adaptable solution that allow to accommodate changing risk factors or regulatory requirements where scores can be updated based on certain conditions.
This is crucial for staying effective in dynamic business environments,


Identify high risk customers:

The customer risk score generated by the online risk rating process will allow financial institutions to identify and categorize customers based on prescribed risk bands (High, Medium, or low).
This helps businesses focus their attention on customers who need to undergo more extensive monitoring and pose high-risk financial crimes.