Sucess Story:

Intelligence & Information Management Solution

The People behind AI


The customer has been using an outdated legacy Intelligence system. The system was not able cope with too many data sources, as well as inability to effectively search across systems, Inconsistency of data, multiplicity of sources and formats.


The addressing of the current challenges of the legacy Intelligence System involved a strategic approach, encompassing data integration, advanced search capabilities, data quality and governance, standardization, scalable architecture, user training, and a well-planned migration strategy to ensure a smooth transition and modernization.

Business Result

  • Provide an operational data model as well as adopting a modern data integration strategy that allows seamless integration of data from multiple sources.
  • Improve data linkage, enrich, resolve, and analyze.
  • Render all data searchable.
  • Operational best practice and intelligence product production.
  • Support Intelligence Models and widely implemented.

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