Success Story:

Transforming Customer Experience in Telecom with CVM


A telecom industry leader faced the challenge of delivering a personalized customer experience, and the absence of an automated campaign management system hindered the existing campaigns efficiency and the ability to meet customer expectations.


We had to implement Marketing Automation Solution that enables the business to rapidly create, modify and execute marketing campaigns allowing business users to define target segments, prioritize selection rules, analyze results, and make adjustments to improve future campaign performance. In addition to Real-Time Decision Manager to create, modify and execute “Event-Based campaigns” in an automated and easy-to-repeat manner.

Business Result

  • Ability to fulfill customer requirements resulting in positive customer experience and customer retention.
  • Enhanced value and data insights.
  • Ability to analyze data through models to provide customer-centric services.
  • Increase customer base and diversify the market reach, which contributes to revenue maximization.

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